Mount Asama - Crater Edge- 21-10-2016 by - Wouter van Buuren - Mount Asama in Japan is a Volcano on the border of the Nagano and Gunma prefectures. Here we see the landscape from the inner crater edge, volcanic rocks, stones and dust. Also we see the shadow of the artist Wouter van Buuren while photographing from North to East to South to West and back to North. Far on the South horizon there is a glimps of Mount Fuji.

Mount Asama  -  Crater Edge  -   21 - 10 - 2016

14 locations  -  1 horizon

size: 75 x 200 cm
material: photographic print

The photographs were taken from the crater edge of Mount Asama on 21-10-2016. Mount Asama (2568m) is the most active volcano of Japan's main island Honshū.

By shooting 360/14 degrees of the landscape from 14 locations the entire horizon is covered. The dormant volcano Mount Fuji lies 117km to the South and is visible on the horizon of the 7th column.

>>Tokyo - Nishi-Nippori - 2-11-2016

in a Zen Buddhist way the text fades here into white.
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